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creation of aesthetic & healthy spaces

for wellness & beauty

originality will be more important than ever

interior design & architecture

we use our expertise in materials science and sustainable interior design to create solutions for the future of the

Xicorra Studio creates a holistic design that combine architecture, interior and object design. Our portfolio includes projects for companies in horeca, retail and office.

Established since 2016, we believe that good space should work for people and the planet. Our design process is based on understanding people’s needs, whether communities or employees and aligning these with your business goals.

Projects follow the 5R rule: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Recover & Renew and focuse on well-being and quality of life.

We create, design and implement.

Experience and good cooperation with proven contractors allow us to create and create unique projects. We focus on modern technologies and use the traditional ones in an innovative way. And this creates a unique effect.

Good design is good business.

Creates the first impression. Co-creates a strong brand. A consistent image inspires confidence. It defines the course of action and professionalism.



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