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sustainable & wellbeing interiors

creation of aesthetic & healthy spaces

for wellness & beauty

originality will be more important than ever

interior design & architecture

we use our expertise in materials science and sustainable interior design to create solutions for the future of the

We are architects & designers focused on zero-waste & well-being design.

The impact of space on our well-being is direct & significant every day; therefore, a considerate functional layout and the meticulous selection of materials & their quality are crucial.

By drawing upon our experience working with diverse materials & comprehending their impact on both humans & the environment, we actively reduce the amount of generated waste.

In the spirit of zero-waste & well-being, we have crafted design processes & established our own furniture workshop, Nuwa Atelier. The materials used originate from leftovers after assemblies & remaining end-of-collection pieces from manufacturers.

In recent years, we have had the privilege to undertake various unconventional projects, including the industrial office building, the vibrant bubble tea establishments, the completely zero-waste office, a fully personalized villa in Vietnam  & a house with an X-shaped layout.

We create spaces where we ourselves would like to be.


work together! 

Natalia & Zuzanna


Polna 50 / 6 floor, Warsaw, Poland

design your interior

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